Fashion   shoot!


Fashion photography is a type of photography that is most commonly used in modeling portfolios and situations where a higher level of sexiness is preferred. 

The genre is also known as beauty photography as well. The subjects of fashion photography are often professional models with the photographs intended for commercial use or portfolio building. 



Tips for Headshot Photography:



What is the purpose of the shoot, what you have in mind for the images? You can research different images and ideas to show the inspiration and mood behind the shoot.



When looking for a time to shoot, it's always best to schedule 2 weeks to a month out.




(Build your modeling portfolio by adding some high-quality glamour and beauty images.) 


Prices start $300 - $500 and up for a photo set. 

(The cost of product photography correlates to the complexity of the shoot.)



* If in studio you'll need to include the cost of renting the studio. 

If the shoot requires additional help (extras, stylists, rentals, etc) those costs are extra.*


* Note that a seamless back drop, studio lighting, or multiple shoot locations will affect cost. *


*Post productions processing and touch ups for 1st 10 photos extensively in to the cost of the shoot. Additional images can be retouched for $10/photo.*


(Be sure to consider where you would like this product to be published. Is this for internal purposes? Print? Web only? These will help determine the budget and price.)